Lithium Battery Core Pack Laser Welding


Soft package module welding line
It is used for core pack welding of FTW double-headed ears, and is equipped with functions such as core pack clamping and positioning, upper busbar, core pack caching, ears bending/rolling, laser welding, weld seam appearance inspection and weld seam internal resistance inspection.

Product Data

  • Core pack clamping and positioning, upper busbar, core pack cache, ears bending and rolling, laser welding, weld seam internal resistance detection function, weld seam width detection core pack
  • Automatic code scanning, pallet RFID automatic code reading, and data and work information binding with Core pack auto-entry function
  • With all kinds of NG material discharge function as well as the core module anti-drop function, the safety protection function of the breast machine
  • Core pack automatic discharge of fire/smoke from the welding station to the water tank function
  • Communication with the customer's MES system is available to automatically complete product data upload and traceability




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