Laser Welding Machine for Automobile White Body Roof
Automobile Laser Welding Solutions
Since 1977, when the world's first industrial high-performance laser cutting machine was developed, we have consistently focused on laser technology and its applications, and have a long-standing history in the global market. In fact, in China, the first three laser cutting equipment were all from our company, which provides durable services to all customers. After decades of efforts, we have won 5 innovations, 7 surpass, 26 invention patents, 39 utility models and 2 software copyrights. In 2015, we won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. These achievements reflect our continued commitment to innovation and excellence in laser technology.

Product Data


Flexible Car Roof Laser Welding System

China Largest Supplier for BIW Laser Welding Solution


Advantage of HGLASER in BIW roof laser welding application:

  • Provide solutions for 4-10 different vehicles to be produced on same line;
  • Provide cutomized laser welding system as per detailed requirment (Roof part holding to BIW fixture, roof clamping fixture, laser welding special control cabinet);
  • Provide improvement suggestions for body structure, guarantee precision welding quality and processing control;
  • Develop standard, modelarized laser welding accessories (laser cabin etc.);
  • Meet different standard requirement from difference customers;
  • Beautiful elding seam, better than CMT welding, E-beam welding, some of the OEM accept to apply BIW painting directly.

Key Points for Laser Welding:

  • How to maintain the welding seam conformity while the car body having certain deviation;
  • How to guarantee the welding profile to be nice looking;
  • How to make the welding seam uniform, seam width uniform;
  • How to guarantee the system working stability during mass production.

Our Typical Reference Cases

China Largest Supplier for BIW Laser Welding Solution


SGM SGM Wuhan factory k211 roof laser brazing
SGM Wuhan factory k216 roof laser brazing
SGM Shenyang factory D213 & D2023 roof laser brazing
SGM Beisheng factory JBUB & JBUC & D2SB & D2JB roof welding
SGM Shanghai factory C1UB & C1UC & G2KBZ roof welding
SGMW factory CN220C roof laser brazing
SGM Wuhan factory T2 roof laser brazing
SGM Wuhan factory D2UC roof laser welding
SGM Wuhan factory E261 electrocar roof laser welding

SAIC V51 follow up model roof laser welding
SV51 / SV63 body and roof laser welding
SK82 roof laser welding
SK81 soft module body roof laser brazing

FORD Test center C519 roof/rear laser welding
Ford Vietnam V362 roof laser welding line

DPCA G95 roof laser brazing
BZ3 roof laser welding
P83 roof laser welding line
W23 508 roof laser brazing
A88 roof and rear cover laser welding
P84C roof laser brazing
BZ3 roof laser brazing

NEXTTEV P504 roof and rear cover laser welding system

JAC M205 commercial vehicle roof laser welding

BYD BYD Xi'an factory SA2FC roof laser brazing line
BYD Xi'an SA3F roof laser brazing line
BYD Changsha EL(ELEC) roof laser brazing line

ZOTYE ZOTYE Linyi SR9 roof laser brazing
ZOTYE Xiangyang S301roof laser brazing

JMC V362C roof laser welding system

FAW P504 roof and rear cover laser welding system



The Main Parameters of Laser Brazing


Laser Power Base Matrial Brazing Speed
3.6-6 KW Carbon Steel (or Aluminum Alloy) 60-120 mm/s



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