Semiconductor Wafer Thickness Measuring Equipment
Wafer Thickness Measuring Series
Facing the raw material production enterprises in the upstream of the semiconductor industry chain, the independently developed spectral confocal measurement system is used to detect the size and flatness of semiconductor raw and epitaxial wafers.

Product Data

Product advantages:

  • Wide application range

          Used for 4-8 inch original wafer, substrate and epitaxial wafer of various materials and polishing conditions

  • High measurement accuracy

          Thickness range: 0-1mm measurement accuracy: ± 1 μ M repetition accuracy: 0.2 μ m 

  • Short measurement time

          Measurement time: 30s / PCS (according to the customer's detection trajectory)


Sample display:

Sample 1

Semiconductor Wafer Thickness Measuring Equipment


Sample 2

Semiconductor Wafer Thickness Measuring Equipment


Sample 3

Semiconductor Wafer Thickness Measuring Equipment


Main parameters

General parameters

Wafer size

4" , 6"

Number of boxes

Double-deck, 14 pcs

Loading and unloading method Robot, mapping scanning

Motion platform

X stroke150mm,
Y stroke150mm,

Repetitive accuracy ±0. 1 μm
Repetitive accuracy ±0. 1 μm


4" , 240WPH     6" ,  220WPH

Detection performance Detection function Wafer (coated wafer) thickness, TTV, warpage
Thickness test accuracy ±0 .5  μ m. Repeatability: 0.1 μ M (25 pieces continuously tested, 5 points for each piece)
Thickness range

± 1 mm

TTV test accuracy

± 0.5 um, repeatability: 0.2 μ m
Warpage test accuracy ± 2  μ m. Test range: ± 600 μ m. Repeatability: 1 μ m

Environment requirement

Power supply specification


Air source requirements 0.5-0.7mpa compressed air, without obvious water vapor and grease

Using environment

Temperature: 15-40 ℃. Humidity requirement: 30% - 70%, no frost

Overall size


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