4 Chucks (Side Hanging) Heavy-Load Laser Tube Cutting Machine
TP12052F & LT12052F
TP12052F<12052F 4 chucks (side hanging) heavy-load laser tube cutting machine is a laser cutting processing equipment designed for bridges and ships, engineering machinery, power tower, assembly construction, tunnel traffic and other industries. With a new design concept, it meets customer demand for a variety of metal selectional materials processing, as well as the pursuit of high quality, high precision and high efficiency. A single machine can replace a small factory, bringing revolutionary production changes.

Product Data


Fully Automatic Servo Control Loading And Unloading System

It can realize the smooth loading and unloading of heavy pipes with different lengths, sizes and shapes, reduce the scraping between work pieces, seamlessly connect with the equipment, and achieve semi-automatic or fully automatic production with the machine host, so as to shorten the working time and improve the working efficiency.




Modular Bed Design


Disruptive innovation can quickly respond to the needs of customers in multiple scenarios. It can realize the free combination of loading, unloading and cutting beds of 6 meters to 15 meters in the way of building blocks according to the customer's plant area and actual production needs.



Integrated High Rigidity And High Precision Cast Iron Pneumatic Chuck


With higher cutting accuracy, stability and shock absorption of the machine tool, it can suppress the huge vibration generated by the cutting process of super long and overweight steel pipes and avoid laser cutting defects; The machining accuracy of small holes reaches 0.1mm, which completely solves the problem of non-circular cutting of small holes in heavy pipes.




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