Semiconductor Wafer Defect Detection Equipment
Wafer Defect Detection Series
For the mid stream wafer manufacturing enterprises and downstream packaging and testing enterprises in the semiconductor industry chain, a multi-channel bright and dark field parallel detection system developed independently is adopted to detect the appearance defects of semiconductor wafers and grains with graphics.

Product Data

Product advantages:

  • Available in a variety of sizes

          This equipment can be used for 4-8 inch patterned wafers

  • Can detect a variety of defects

          Detect defects such as scratch, back collapse, color difference, crack, scratch, metal residue and metal loss

  • High precision resolution

          System resolution: 0.2-0.8 μ m

  • Fast detection speed

          Patterned wafer: 15 minutes / wafer when the number of defects is less than 200


Sample display:

The gold plating layer falls off

defect detection machine



defect detection machine


Coating surface detection

defect detection machine



defect detection machine



Main parameters

General parameters

Wafer size

4 ", 6" (Iron frame with blue film)

Number of boxes

2 pcs

Loading and unloading method

Robot, mapping scanning

Motion platform

X stroke 200mm, repetitive accuracy 10μm

Y stroke 45mm,repetitive accuracy 10μm
Z strooke 15mm,repetitive accuracy 5μm


4" , 25WPH     6" ,  20WPH

Detection performance

Test accuracy

3 μm


High resolution industrial camera



Light source

Patented light source

Defect marking

Automatic dotting

Environment requirement

Power supply specification

AC220V,   50Hz

Air source requirements

0 .5-0 .7Mpa compressed air, without obvious water vapor and grease

Using environment

Temperature: 15-40 ℃. Humidity requirement: 30% - 70%, no frost

Overall size


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